Our mission at the “Smart Solutions Foundation” is to develop and support entrepreneurship in all its manifestations.

One of the main directions of our activity is to provide information about information technology (IT) and about network service providers.

Paying special attention to information security, we strive to provide easy access to information, analysis, knowledge and skills on how to implement flexible IT solutions and network system solutions.

Our activities and our many years of experience are in the field information technology (IT).

We advise companies, authorities and organizations on an IT strategy with a focus on data security. Our system and network specialists help implement and monitor infrastructure monitoring.

We train the teams we work with to make more correct and informed decisions at each stage of business development. We help to establish partnerships between projects.

The focus here is on the transmission, processing and storage of critical data in a global network, taking into account data security requirements.

We strive to create a community of entrepreneurs working together who enrich their knowledge and the knowledge of community members. With the help of experts, people in our online community become more confident in their decisions and actions to achieve their business goals.

Our experience shows that the economic and social development of a society depends on the condition of each of its members. If it consists of enterprising and progressive people, then society, the city, the state develops in all aspects. That’s why we strive to support all entrepreneurs who want to develop with our accumulated experience.

Since our foundation in 2013, we have been constantly expanding our portfolio. This allows the customer to learn how to choose between standard solutions and solutions from different suppliers. We advise on the choice and offer a free test of certain products and services.

We are convinced that in this way we contribute to economic growth and the welfare of society as a whole.

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