A strong team and leadership form the basis of the foundation. Our team openly communicate and share our thoughts, knowledge and ideas with the general public in order to create a sustainable future and prosper together.

Olga BuyanovaOlga Boujanova is a cloud technology expert and a business development consultant. Olga is a regular participant in industry forums and exhibitions. It is a pleasure for her to offer you insights into the latest services and solutions for cloud strategy, cost optimisation and sustainability.

Olga is up to date with the market changes, the latest trends and innovations. In 2023, she updated her training records with BGP Operations and Security Training Course and IPv6 Training Course.

She uses her expert know-how to plan cloud solutions implementation while taking into account each stage of preparation and migration planning. She helps to consider various flexible options for improving infrastructure, adapt to the needs and economic situation, choose profitable, convenient and relevant solutions.

Olga has extensive experience and knowledge in information technology, which back up her creative and advanced input in our mission implementation.

Vladimir MarchenkoVolodymyr Marchenko is a network engineer and a consultant in interactions with leading equipment vendors and manufacturers. He is an expert in server equipment, network technologies and highly fault-tolerant systems.

Volodymyr has a higher technical education in telecommunication systems and networks, which is recognised by Anabin and enables him to configure, improve and support IT infrastructures, including hardware, peripheral devices, software and network connections.

Over the years, Volodymyr has participated in multiple conferences dedicated to IT technologies, cloud and server solutions, as well as data centre innovations.

Volodymyr helps to create requested equipment specifications, provides recommendations for network redundancy and organisation by checking fault tolerance and availability. His main tasks are solving requests related to server, network and storage solutions, and providing consultations on technical support and implementation of various projects.

Pavel SabirjanovPavel Sabirjanov is network engineer with 20+ years of experience in network design, escalation support, network administration, and systems administration.

Skilled and consultant in delivering technical support, managing network operations, and maintaining enterprise-wide area networks across multi-platform and high uptime Data Center environments.




Our team openly communicate and share our thoughts, knowledge and ideas with the general public in order to create a sustainable future and prosper together.

Volodymyr Marchenko & Olga BoujanovaWe agree on and set team goals based on outcomes and results, rather than just on the amount of work being done.

With a focus on information security, we develop and implement flexible IT and network system solutions.

Our mission is to ensure business competitiveness and transformation into a more efficient business through the use of modern information technologies.