Advantages of IPv4 lease

How to expand your business by leasing IPv4 addresses: opportunities and advantages

IPv4 address leasing is becoming increasingly popular among companies and entrepreneurs looking to expand their online business or improve their network infrastructure. In this paper, we examine why IP addresses are so important and in which situations IPv4 leases can be particularly useful. Special attention is paid to the advantages of leasing addresses before buying them, and a checklist is provided to help users choose a reliable and high-quality service provider.

DDoS Attacks

DDoS Attacks: Understanding, Effects, and Protection

With the increase of DDoS attacks in the digital age, it is crucial for businesses to understand the risks and take measures to protect their websites or networks. This article covers the basics, including the types of DDoS attacks, their impact on organizations, and different protection levels, such as basic, advanced, and enterprise. Various methods of DDoS protection are also discussed, including cloud-based protection, CDN, and IPS solutions.