Remote support of servers

Remote support of servers

Remote server support service solves a wide range of tasks on monitoring, prompt troubleshooting, configuration, maintenance, and optimization. Despite the widespread use of the service, selecting reliable support is not an easy task.

Cloud Service Provider

How to select a cloud service provider

The need to implement a cloud service makes it necessary to select a service provider. There are many providers on the European market. In order to find the most suitable one for your business needs, you will have to evaluate them according to many criteria.

Racks and units rental

Racks and units rental in Europe

Rack space rental is a popular service used by many companies placing their servers in Europe. Rack space is available for rent and sublease on per unit and per rack basis.

Server Administration

Remote Hands, server support and monitoring

The Remote Hands service is a technical support of server infrastructure by a provider or special companies that are professionally engaged in system administration. Assistance in server management is needed when your own resources or …

How to Choose a Server for your Business

How to choose a server for business in Europe

It is a common case when companies need to choose a server for specific business tasks. It is not difficult to purchase standard equipment. However, it can be hard to find a provider who is ready to fulfill a custom order on a turnkey basis.