Advice on selecting GPU server for AI: technical requirements, selection of components, and service maintenance


My name is Olga Boujanova! I am a senior consultant at Smart Solutions Foundation, a non-profit organization. Our specialists inform companies and government organizations about advanced IT technologies, help design and control IT infrastructure. If you want to buy or rent an AI server, I will advise you on what hardware and technologies you need for machine learning and logical inference tasks.

To work with artificial intelligence, high-performance servers using GPU processors are used. Hardware for training neural networks is becoming more and more in demand, so manufacturers are developing new products for AI tasks. When building a server for AI, it is important to consider not only the recommendations of developers, but also the proposals of service providers for infrastructure maintenance.

I will tell in detail about the nuances of selecting neural network training hardware and services that can greatly simplify the launch and operation of specialized IT infrastructure. To schedule a free 30-minute online consultation, click on the “SET UP A CALL” button at the top of the page and select a convenient time in the calendar.

Olga Boujanova

Server hardware and cloud technology consultant with more than 10 years of experience. Large European companies use her expert know-how to implement cloud solutions in IT infrastructure design. Olga helps to design effective IT infrastructure for any business, to adapt the needs of companies and organizations to the economic situation, to select profitable, convenient and relevant solutions.

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