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Cloud service

Cloud services are online services that allow a user to remotely access computing resources, databases, file catalogs and other information. The resources provided are usually distributed across a global network of servers. Using the cloud relieves you from the need to invest in your own hardware infrastructure.

There are private and public cloud services.

Private cloud services are used by commercial companies and organizations as an isolated environment for sharing data, files and any other information. Public cloud services are created by large companies for commercial purposes. Access to the public cloud can be obtained by any user for a certain fee or under certain conditions

Most popular cloud services are:

  • Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3 allow users to store and synchronize files over the Internet.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform enable you to rent virtual servers, data storage, and other resources to deploy applications and development environments.
  • Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and Salesforce allow you to access business applications without having to purchase and install software.

One of the main advantages of all cloud services is the possibility of almost unlimited scaling of resources at the request of the user.

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