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SaaS services

To successfully launch a product, you need to choose a tech stack. Cloud technology is made up of three categories of leased services:

  • SaaS – ready-to-use software;
  • PaaS – off-the-shelf platforms for specific tasks;
  • IaaS – computing power for individual solutions and IT infrastructure deployment.

Software as a SaaS service is in demand when you need ready-made “now and immediately” solutions. They are hosted in the cloud, require no administration or support, and provide:

  • the ability to work remotely and collaboratively;
  • availability of applications regardless of time and place of connection;
  • flexible tariffs and functionality;
  • subscription-based payment model.

SaaS architecture

SaaS architecture (single-user, multi-user, mixed) considers the tenant of the platform with full access rights of the client who paid for the subscription.

  • Single-user architecture is designed for a single tenant who gets an isolated server, database, and software.
  • Multi-tenant architecture is cheaper, because it uses a common database and information about applications, while maintaining confidentiality. Customer resolves issues of software updates, hardware maintenance, it’s easier to scale.
  • Mixed architecture has part of the components in common use, and part belongs only to the tenant.

SaaS services are suitable for companies:

  • who want to reduce the cost of maintaining IT infrastructure and platforms;
  • minimizing the amount of software customization;
  • working on a subscription model.

For customers SaaS solutions give:

  • scalable infrastructure depending on business requirements;
  • high availability of the software as a service;
  • high automation for easy user adaptation to the cloud application.

The cloud service allows you to unify software, manage its scope and required functions for solving application tasks. Employees are provided with the necessary office software, as well as business tools (for planning, task tracking, accounting management, CRM).

Software as a SaaS service is any cloud software available through a terminal, browser or thin client. These are all cloud services, storage, online applications for corporate work.

SaaS services offer users a single environment, platform and equipment for independent processing of applications and data. Solutions are designed for programmers and developers who need to run their own applications without creating infrastructure. It becomes possible due to high automation of processes and abstraction from “iron”. Customers who choose Paas solutions get:

  • mobile access to the environment of multiple remote users;
  • functionality for group communication;
  • easy administration;
  • detailed reporting;
  • rapid deployment;
  • low requirements for user terminals;
  • high fail-safety;
  • ensuring data protection by the cloud operator.

IaaS is a cloud service for leasing virtual IT resources, which is an alternative to maintaining a physical IT infrastructure. By installing a hypervisor on the server in the data center, hardware resources for virtual machines are allocated. The main customers, the consumers of the service, are those with experience in creating and administering IT infrastructure.

The relevance of IaaS increases in situations:

  • constant changes in the needs of IT resources;
  • rapid scalability;
  • the need to save budget expenditures.

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How to select a provider to rent a server. Who offers the best terms and service in Europe?

Top ten deals on server rental in Europe. Download the checklist.

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Each technology stack model requires a different level of competence from the user. The choice of model depends on the maturity of the IT company and the tasks assigned to the team.

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