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RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

RDP is a remote desktop connection protocol. It was developed by Microsoft and for some time was the only way to remotely access workstations as an administrator. Windows OS still use the standard Remote Desktop utility, which is the most popular way to use the protocol.

At the same time, third-party applications allow the protocol to be used in other operating systems as well.

There are 3 popular models of using RDP:

  • Remote connection from a workstation to a server operating system for configuring and control
  • Remote connection to a terminal server that provides resources to weaker workstations (for example, organizing a virtual desktop on the server).
  • Using a protocol to remotely connect to a workstation, such as an office or home personal computer.

If there is a need to create a connection between a Windows OS and another OS, a special client must be installed on the second OS to establish the connection.

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