Database hosting

How to select hosting for databases

When a business needs to organize online service using databases, it is possible to create an IT infrastructure for this purpose in-house or to ask for help from a provider and give the databases for …

Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS: key aspects and benefits

In today’s world, businesses need to be agile and efficient, and IaaS can be a powerful tool. In this article we look at what infrastructure as a service includes, when and to whom it is required, and what benefits it provides.

Advantages of IPv4 lease

How to expand your business by leasing IPv4 addresses: opportunities and advantages

IPv4 address leasing is becoming increasingly popular among companies and entrepreneurs looking to expand their online business or improve their network infrastructure. In this paper, we examine why IP addresses are so important and in which situations IPv4 leases can be particularly useful. Special attention is paid to the advantages of leasing addresses before buying them, and a checklist is provided to help users choose a reliable and high-quality service provider.

How to rent and choose a cloud server in Europe

How to rent and choose a cloud server in Europe

Choosing a cloud server is relevant to companies who want to rent an automated, fault-tolerant, scalable and secure place to work with applications and corporate data in a European data center.

How to Choose a Server for your Business

How to choose a server for business in Europe

It is a common case when companies need to choose a server for specific business tasks. It is not difficult to purchase standard equipment. However, it can be hard to find a provider who is ready to fulfill a custom order on a turnkey basis.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

How to choose a cloud hosting provider in Europe

Many European data centers offer cloud hosting services. How to choose a provider for comfortable interaction and efficient work? You will need to understand the intricacies of cloud server hosting and make a choice based on your tasks and budget.