If you need to apply your experience for the benefit of society, contact us. 

We need people with skills.

Our mission at the foundation is to enhance the financial and investment culture of society and create opportunities for development. One of the main directions of our activity is to make education in the field of personal finance publicly available. We strive to provide easy access to information, analysis, knowledge and skills on how to make logically sound and effective financial decisions based on available resources and circumstances.

Our team is looking for volunteers with whom we can share a common mission. If you are interested in investments and real estate, and you want to develop in this direction, if you want to help people and contribute to the development of society and the economy, welcome to us. We are looking forward to becoming part of the foundation team. We have a wide range of online and offline events where you can contribute using your experience and knowledge. These include the creation of our online platform, the formation of an online community for mutual assistance and support, as well as the organization of a series of online and offline events and trainings on investment and real estate. We believe that shared values are the way to development, and if you also believe that improving the financial culture of society is a priority,

Welcome to the website of the foundation. Our activities are completely non-profit, for the benefit of society and in accordance with our mission to make education in the field of personal finance publicly available.