SaaS service in Europe

SaaS services

To successfully launch a product, you need to choose a tech stack. Cloud technology is made up of three categories of leased services: SaaS – ready-to-use software; PaaS – off-the-shelf platforms for specific tasks; IaaS …

Using virtual desktops

Using virtual desktops for remote work

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) is a desktop virtualisation technology that provides access to corporate infrastructure from a mobile device or a computer. You no longer need to purchase office PCs, repair them or maintain software …

Data center

How to create a reliable server infrastructure in Europe?

Growing site traffic and demanding capacity requirements make customers look for a cost-effective solution to support their business processes. That is why renting space for servers at a provider’s data center facility is a trending service.

What are Data Centers and How Do They Operate

What are Data Centers and How Do They Operate?

Most modern businesses have to face down infrastructure management in some way, shape, or form. From onsite servers and IT teams to cloud computing solutions, data centers are at the heart of business operations in …

How to Choose a Server for your Business

How to Choose a Server for your Business?

Why Choosing the Right Server for Your Business is so Important? Servers completely transform the way businesses function. Tech advancements have significantly enhanced their efficiency and decreased their costs. So, if you’ve put the decision …