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IT support services

IT support services are professional assistance in maintenance, repair, optimization and monitoring of IT systems. In Europe, these services are provided on a commercial basis by service providers, automation and telecommunications companies, and computer security services. The services can be provided both on-site where the IT system is located and remotely.

Examples of service provider services

  • Renting and leasing of server hardware. Commercial companies and enterprises can rent server hardware with the buyout option from the provider. Servers are placed in data centers that meet the highest security requirements. The provider can undertake server maintenance if it is necessary for the client.
  • Hardware repair and maintenance. Providers offer services for repair and replacement of components for server hardware, build and customize network communications, audit and monitoring control.
  • Cloud services. The provider organizes access to public cloud services, builds and configures private clouds.

Data backup and recovery. The provider takes responsibility for backing up and restoring data of the client’s IT infrastructure. The service provider hosts backups on its own hardware or in cloud storage and takes care of all administration, hardware operation and security issues.

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